vichichoisse and beer pork

[listening: Liquido – I won’t try]

below i wrote a dinner i cooked month and a half ago for some friends.

copy and paste from our group:
first dish: vichichoisse (leek cream, thanks julien for the dictionary)

boil 6/8 leeks (white part) with a litre of chicken broth and 300 gr of
cooking cream (milk cream), together with 50gr of potatoes, 50gr of
butter and 1 onion, for 30 mins. pass it throught the turmix and then
sift it (to sift = tamizar in spanish) really well so it lasts enaugh
soft. add some salt and black pepper, and you’re done! serve it cold
with parsley over it. (keep in mind that you’ll need about two hours in
the freeze to cold a boiling big cup)

second dish: pork made with beer (first time i cook it, still learning

fry on low temperture (so, gold it) the pork on 50gr of pork fat (don’t
worry mau, is more healthy than it seems). gold three onions thinly
sliced on another 50gr of pork fat. in a recipient for the owen, put
half of the onion slices, add above the pork, and the rest of the
onions. put apple thin slices over it, and cover everything with about
4 table spoons of bread dust. water it with 20 cl of beer, and add some
spicies (rosemary my suggestion), salt and pepper. Leave it on the owen
for 45 mins. make sure you don’t fry too much the pork, just until it
gets that gold color on low temperture pan! serve right from the owen.

[listening: Liquido – I won’t try]

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